A professionally good looking website always plays a major role for the visitor to view the pages. A static website has fixed content where each page displays the same information to every visitor. It contains fixed HTML code and the content of each web page can’t change unless manually updated by the designer. It can work for smaller websites or sites with a short life span and few content updates. In larger websites where we can update our content regularly, a dynamic website would be the preferred choice. Static websites design are very economical so that we are creating the websites in the professional and responsive way.

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Basic factors are to Design a Static Webpage:-
 Easy Downloading
 Browser compatibility
 Search engine friendly
 Ideal Design Interface
 Reliable Design

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Due to the high frequency of search crawler penetration through HTML code website and chances to getting highest rank and it mostly client prefers to have their website in a static page. When we design a proper static website it should be cost effective with high-quality website designing and development with the latest technology.
Why are people like to Design for static Websites?
 Cost effective
 Layout changed easily
 Low Bandwidth
 Quick Downloading
 SEO friendly

Seoczar is a web design company based in Delhi NCR India, Which has got proficiency in designing static website as well as dynamic and custom websites. If you want to discuss any project , feel free to contact us.